What Makes SALT BNPL Facility Better Than Others

bnplFinancial ServiceWhat Makes SALT BNPL Facility Better Than Others

What Makes SALT BNPL Facility Better Than Others

BNPL functions just like any credit-based instrument, like a credit card. In addition, SALT provides a BNPL service that enables users to buy now and pay later for it quickly.

India has the most critical population of customers in the world. With the rise in phone and internet connectivity across the nation, we are looking at changing the payment terrain. Buy Now Pay Later, or BNPL, is a financial tool that was a rescuer at Covid-19 when most people faced cash crunches. Many online shoppers have been able to make small and large purchases with ease using this method. Payment can often be done in EMIs, often without incurring interest.

You may have a question why do you need BNPL? For example, you might need funds to host a party at month-end, or you may need to book a ticket to your hometown amidst a cash crunch? Or, say you are facing some money constraints due to job loss. BNPL is a suitable short-term credit alternative, even if you do not have a credit record.

The SALT app is India’s fastest-going BNPL alternative in India. So what Makes SALT BNPL Facility Better Than Others?

●      Easy Repayment Method

You can quickly repay via suitable financial mechanisms like UPI, Debit Card, Netbanking, etc. Moreover, you can repay the used credit limit after 15 days of utilizing the approved credit.

●      Instant Approval

The process to apply for BNPL service is quite simple. First, the app lets you check your eligibility within a few minutes by providing basic details. Then, complete the E-KYC process by uploading your live selfie and providing your identification, address, and income proof.

Highly Secured Transactions   

SALT ensures the highest level of security in transactions and data storage. Your details and funds are entirely safe as SALT sticks to all guidelines issued by the RBI.

With the App, you can do more

With the SALT app, you can track your spending, dues, etc. You can also get a CIBIL report with SALT. Also, this credit score check will not impact your CIBIL score. With a single app you need, it lets you do multiple activities.

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