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About SALT

SALT is a part of PayMe India, a leading financial services provider in the global growth market. With innovative credit solutions, our technology is built on values of trust, transparency, and our generation’s financial values.

SALT is built as a medium, which can meaningfully enhance the living of more than 300 million homes in the country, who currently have no permit to credit cards or any other traditional financing alternatives due to insufficient credit history.

SALT is India’s most convenient mode of obtaining an instant credit limit. Salt bridges the gap between credit and payment. Be it from ordering groceries, food, medicines, to paying your daily expenses through Scan and pay in your nearest Kirana store. SALT is a one-stop solution for all your daily transactions. The user simply gets a credit limit by finishing the KYC process. The limit assigned can be utilized either via Scan & Pay or Merchant transactions. ‘Scan and pay’ works via scanning any merchant’s UPI code and paying immediately. Merchant transactions can be either done via availing gift card or directly on merchant checkout. With the Salt, you don’t have to miss out on great deals just because you are short on funds this month. Don’t let a light wallet at the end of the month stop you from shopping till your heart’s content anymore.